Hire Bridal Rides 1965 Thunderbird Convertible

Bridal Rides is located in Brandon, MS.  All standard rentals prices are within 1/2 hours travel of Brandon, MS.

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Wedding transportation:                               $300

1 hour minimum and includes driving to special local locations for photographs.
Additional hours:                                           $100/hour
Over 20 miles to location:                            $1.00/mile
     *Any booking over 300 miles will require over-night accommodations and additional fees.  Please contact for more information concerning long distance rental.


Parade:                                                          $1,000

Includes 4 hours, with driver. Up to 20 miles to event location and includes gas

Additional hours:                                           $100/hour
Over 20 miles to event                                   $1.00/mile


Prom/Homecoming:                                      $300

Includes pick up from home, time for photographs and drop off at location or drive onto field.
Additional hours:                                           $100/hour




Bridal Rides can be rented for any occasion.  Anniversary, Gala, Award Ceremony, special birthdays, or even taking that special lady to dinner.  There is always a 1 hour minimum.  Bridal Rides is ALWAYS driven by the owner.  There will never be an exception.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.  The 1965 Thunderbird is available 7 days a week unless otherwise noted.